How do I redeem my Swappable Prezzee Gift Card?

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With the swappable Prezzee Card, your choices are limitless! 

Please see the following for a step by step on how to use your swappable Prezzee Card for the cards of your choice! 

Not sure if you have a Swappable Prezzee Card? 

If you have Swappable Prezzee Card, you will see the following "Shop or Swap" option. shop it or swap it.jpg

If your card doesn't have this option, please see here for how to use and swap your card.

Text version: 

  1. Begin by accessing your Prezzee Wallet or opening the gift email we sent you.
  2. Find your Prezzee Swappable gift card in your wallet.
  3. Select "Swap for a Brand You Love" to swap it to another retailer. 
  4. Select "Shop It" to keep your current card and use it at your favorite retailer.
  5. Your new Gift Card will be added to your Prezzee Wallet, all set for your shopping pleasure. Enjoy!

To use your new gift card, see here for redemption instructions

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