How to print an Gift Card

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Gift Cards are best used digitally (both for convenience and environmental reasons) but if you need to, here’s how to print them:

If the card is in your Prezzee Wallet:`

  1. Launch your Prezzee Wallet in a web browser (you won’t be able to print your card from the Prezzee app)

  2. If you have a Smart Gift Card or a Brand Gift Card with a ‘Keep or Swap’ option, complete the swap/keep process: 
    Smart eGift Card Swap how to

    ‘Keep or Swap’ option how to

    If not, skip to step 3

  3. Click on the card menu (the three dots at the top right corner of your card)

  4. Select “Print Gift Card”.


Once the card is in your wallet it can’t be digitally passed on to someone else. If you wish to re-gift it, complete the swap / keep process (if available) in your wallet, then print the card details and hand them to the lucky recipient.

If the card is not in your Prezzee Wallet:

Please contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

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