I think I’ve been scammed, what do I do?

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If you think you’ve been scammed, or your accounts or financial details have been compromised:

Immediately contact your bank and have a hold put on your credit or debit card and have the charge disputed.
If your account or card was jeopardized, report the scam to the USA.gov: Report Scams and Fraud, and let a member of the Prezzee Customer Care know by contacting help@prezzee.com.

If you think you’ve clicked on a malicious link but haven’t directly handed any details over, you should:
1. Reset all your passwords on a different device.
2. Install antivirus software from a trusted source.
3. Turn on spam filtering.
4. Alert Prezzee Customer Care by emailing help@prezzee.com if you think your Prezzee Account may be compromised.

If you suspect that someone has your username and password, change your password immediately.
If you can’t sign-in, contact Prezzee Customer Care immediately via email and we’ll help you secure your account.
Please ensure you are detailed in your email and include the mobile number linked to your Prezzee Account.
If you’re not sure whether it was us who contacted you, email our Customer Care at here and report what happened.

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