How do I recognize a fake webpage?

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Watch out for fake URLs (web addresses). Even if the web address contains the word "Prezzee", it might not be a Prezzee website. The real Prezzee web addresses are:

Look for the "s" in "https," which indicates you're signing into a secure server. This is one more way you can help protect your personal information.

Before you sign in to Prezzee, make sure you really are on our website by checking the web address (URL) on the sign-in page.

If you're signing in with your Prezzee username and password, be sure that the web address is

These are fake Prezzee addresses and how to spot them:

When in doubt, start at the Prezzee home page — the safest place to enter your account information so you’re certain you’re in the right spot. Type in your browser and go from there. 

To report a website imitating Prezzee, forward it as an attachment to 

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